Radiology Education tailor-made for you.

Learn how to read a chest x-ray simplified our signature course taken by over 120 students with an average 4.8 star review. This course is guaranteed to take you from a novice to a pro in no time.  

Everything RAD course which teach you about different imaging modalities and when to order them. Also understand the appropriate use of contrast media and how to manage contrast reactions. 

How to read an Abdominal x-ray simplified will take you from novice to expert and you will confidently crush all your radiology interpretations. 

Fractures upper extremity

We'll help you learn all the fracture patterns of the upper extremity. Colles, reverse college, greenstick, Monteggia, Galeazzi etc. We got you covered. 

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Our job isn't done until you are satisfied and we deliver on the promised results. We believe so deeply in the quality and value of our product that if you're not satisfied we will give you a 30 day money back guaranteed. 

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Radiology Education for non-radiologists

Radiology education designed for non-radiologists. Our radiology courses are tailormade for each audience NPs, PAs, RNs, RTs etc. Our signature courses are part of our RADIOLOGY SIMPLIFIED series which is radiology without all the fluff words. All our courses are taught by board-certified or board-eligible radiologists and are tailormade to meet our audience's needs.

Our company was created to meet the need of advanced practice providers (NPs & PAs) who are increasingly asked to take care of more complex patients but do not have the radiology skills to provide competent care in a timely manner. Having to rely on anecdoctal knowledge obtained from non-radiologist peers which is often incorrect. CEUSTAT was created to meet their needs in 2017 and has since grown to serve the needs or other healthcare disciplines.  

You worked too hard for your education and license don't risk your license by relying on knowdege from YouTube to meet your needs. 

Tina Fomenky, MD, BSN, RN

Dr. Tina is the founder of CEUSTAT with a background in Nursing and Medicine (Radiology). She started CEUSTAT in 2017 after several conversations with her friends who were NPs & PAs. She compared this to her experience taking call at multiple large medical centers and quickly realized that there was a glaring lack of radiology education for advanced practice providers which significantly delayed patient care and sometimes negatively impacted patient care. So she started teaching radiology courses for free to friends and co-workers but as demand grew, she decided to offer her courses to the entire country.

Stephanie Williams 

Stephanie is the customer satisfactin expert working tirelessly to ensure an amazing client experience. 

Kellen Mychal

Kellen is the branding expert behind every CEUSTAT campaign working tirelessly to ensure all our demos and courses run seamlessly. 

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Radiology Education tailor-made for you.


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Get in the know by gaining RADIOLOGY SKILLS.


Get the drop on everything related to ordering and intepreting CTs.


When is it useful? How do you make sense of 10,000 shades of gray? 


When is it appropriate to order an MRI? How to ensure you prepare your patients for the tests. 

A history of caring

Dr. Tina is a Radiologist with a background in Nursing. She got sick and tired of doctors talking smack about NPs & PAs. One of the most glaring differences between MDs and advanced practice providers is the lack of knowledge in RADIOLOGY. It was blatantly apparent that no one was teaching NPs & PAs RADIOLOGY and so she stepped up to do the job. 

We're proud to be owned and operated by a female founder with a dedication to providing quality education at an affordable price. Stop guessing and start learning today. 

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"I attended your talk to the faculty on reading radiographs. I was taught, in a limited capacity, during my training as an NP to read radiographs... Your class was an excellent review of the basics and I believe many practitioners would benefit from this type of session as continuing education."

Jennifer J. Fayetteville State University NP Nursing Faculty

"I loved the simplicity which made it easier for me to understand as a student FNP. The presenter Dr. Tina’s interaction with the class was awesome. Questions had me focused on the content delivered." 

Mia McCall Grambling State University, NP student

"Dr. Tina was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and was able to share very technical information at a level where students could understand. The speaker was professional and quickly established a good rapport with the audience at the outset. The speaker provided anecdotal examples and her graphic presentation was pertinent and impressive. This, in my opinion, was an excellent example of program enhancement."

Doris J. Fayetteville State University NP Nursing Faculty

"Dr. Tina was very knowledgeable of the material. Her engagement with the class was great. Dr. Tina was able to incorporate experience with the presentations of the material which made the course interesting."

LaTonya Thomas Grambling State University, NP 

"The correlation between radiology and nursing to help appreciate what the other health fields do to complete the job at hand."

Hannah Stowers, Bluefield State College, Nursing Student

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August, 10th 2019

It’s almost here! Dr. Tina is coming to the DFW for a live course. In addition, you get access to a full online radiology course. Don't miss the rad fun. Click registration link for full details on what is included with your registration. 

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